Monthly Quote from the Qur'an

"Now hath come unto you a Messenger from amongst yourselves: it grieves him that ye should suffer, ardently anxious is he over you: to the Believers is he most kind and merciful." 

Qur'an 9:128


Monthly Quote from the Hadith

On Keeping a Secret

Hazrat Abu Sa'eed Khudri (Radi Allaho Anhu) relates that the Holy Prophet (Sal-lal-laho 'Alaihi wa Sal-lam) said: 'On the Day of Judgment in the estimation of Allah, the worst position among all the human beings will be of that man who cohabits with his wife and then makes the secret of this act public.



Masajid and Islamic Centers (in New York City)


Name: Address: Phone Number:
Shahjalal Masjid 25-67 31st Street [Astoria] 718-204-2337
Islamic Congress Inc. 21-23 30 Drive. [Astoria] N/A
Gawsiah Jame Masjid 25-86 31st Street [Astoria] 718-728-2601
Masjid Al-Iman 24-30 Steinway Street [Astoria] 718-626-6633
Masjid Baitul Mukarram 21-27 27th Street [Astoria] 718-204-7562
Masjid Darul Qur'an 1514 East 3rd Avenue [Bayshore] 516-665-9462
Makky Jame Masjid 115 East 168 Street [Bronx] 718-293-5287
Masjid Taqwa Wa Jihad 901 Anderson Avenue [Bronx] 718-538-2474
Parkchester Jame Masjid 1203 Virginia Avenue [Bronx] 718-825-4194
Islamic Sunnatul Jamat 24 Mount Hope Place [Bronx] 718-731-2800
Masjid -e-Quba 3520 Dekalab Avenue [Bronx] 718-515-9071
Baitul Aman Islamic Center Inc. 2351 New Bold Avenue [Bronx] 718-904-8828
Baitul Maamr Jame-Masjid Inc. 1417 Overing Street [Bronx] 718-239-1447
Baitus Salaam Jame Masjid Inc. 2703 Decatur Avenue [Bronx] 718-933-0991
North Bronx Islamic Center 3156 Perry Avenue#B [Bronx] 718-515-3559
Masjid Fitih Camil 5911 8th Avenue [Brooklyn] N/A
Masjid Ammar Ben Yaser 6209 8th Avenue [Brooklyn] N/A
Masjid Ben Umar 1315 5th Avenue [Brooklyn] N/A
Baitul Kareem Jame Masjid 3080-E 18th Street [Brooklyn] 718-940-9096
Darul Ar-Qam 651 Banner Avenue [Brooklyn] N/A
Masjid An-Nur 1071 New Lots Avenue [Brooklyn] N/A
Masjid As-Salam 85 Nassau Avenue [Brooklyn] 718-283-1238
Masjid of the Crimean Turk 4509 New Utrecht Avenue [Brooklyn] 718-438-9567
Masjid Al-Ikhwa 1125 Eastern Parkway [Brooklyn] N/A
Muslim Assocation of N. America 77 Foster Avenue [Brooklyn] 718-421-1243
Al-Masjid Al-Jamia 806 St. John's Place [Brooklyn] 718-875-6607
Makki Masjid 1089 Coney Island Avenue [Brooklyn] 718-859-4485
Masjid Abu Bakr 115 Foster Avenue [Brooklyn] 718-438-9190
Islamic Mission/Masjid Daud 2664 Pitkin Avenue [Brooklyn] 718-277-3789
Masjid Al-Farooq 552-554 Atlantic Avenue [Brooklyn] 718-935-0349
Masjid Nurul-Islam 3324 Church Avenue [Brooklyn] 718-462-2674
Bangladesh Muslim Center 1013 Church Avenue [Brooklyn] 718-282-9230
The Nigerian Muslim Association 380 Myrtle Avenue [Brooklyn] 718-260-9418
Masjid Mushi Khalifah 120 Madison Avenue [Brooklyn] 718-783-1279
Masjid At-Taqwa 11266 Bedford Avenue [Brooklyn] 718-622-0800
Al-Masjid Al-Jamia 1403 Bedford Avenue [Brooklyn] 718-638-4607
Umar Masjid 230 Neptune Avenue [Brooklyn] 718-648-0887
American Muslim Mission Center 105-01 Northern Boulevard [Corona] 718-779-1060
Masjid Mu'minin 105-01 Northern Boulevard [Corona] 718-779-1060
Jamia Masjid Hanifa 32-12 57th Street 2nd Floor [Corona] 718-274-7813
Masjid Al-Falah 42-12 National Street [Corona] 718-476-7968
Masjid Al-Taufiq 85-37 Britton Avenue [Elmhurst] 718-779-1519
Muhammadi Masjid 681 Elmont Road [Elmont] 516-285-3439
Masjid Bayt-Al-Bakr 131 Davis Road [Far Rockaway] 718-471-4212
Masjid Abu Bakr 141-49 33rd Avenue [Flushing] 718-358-6905
Muslim Center of New York 137-58 Geranium Avenue [Flushing] 718-460-3000
Masjid Sultan Murad 23-38 8th Street [Jackson Heights] 718-397-5579
Jamaica Muslim Center 85-37 168th Street [Jamaica] 718-657-9395
Islamic Circle of North America 166-26 89th Avenue [Jamaica] 718-658-1290
Masjid Omar Ben Abdul Aziz 88-29 161 Street [Jamaica] 718-291-1190
Masjid Tawhid 169-12 90th Avenue #B [Jamaica] 718-262-8865
Al Khoi Islamic Center 89-89 Van Wyck Boulevard [Jamaica] 718-297-6520
World Islamic Mission 144-03 South Road [Jamaica] 718-657-9635
Masjid Al-Jamiyah 107-54 Sutphin Boulevard [Jamaica] 718-526-4456
Masjid Al-Hamdu Lillah 121-03 Sutphin Boulevard [Jamaica] 718-322-9703
Islamic Foundation of America 88-19 161Street [Jamaica] N/A
Masjid Al-Bir 36-05 30th Street [Long Island City] 718-784-0336
Ahle-Sunnatul Jamat 32-69 48th Street [Long Island City] 718-204-8490
Islamic University and Cultural Center 31-33 12th Street [Long Island City] 718-274-6169
Long Island Muslim Society 3066 Hempstead Turnpike [Levitown] 516-796-1725
Westchester Muslim Center 12 Brookfield Road [Mount Vernon] 914-668-8786
Manhattan Masjid 12 Warren Street 2nd Floor [New York] N/A
Madina Masjid 401 East 11 Street [New York] 212-533-5060
Assafa Islamic Center Inc. 172 Allen Street [New York] 212-253-1053
Muslim Foundation of America 1133 Broadway, Suite #539 [New York] 212-989-2831
Muslim World League (R) 134 West 26th Street [New York] 212-627-4033
Othman Bin Affan Masjid 120 West 44th Street Near 6th Avenue [New York] N/A
Ar-Rahman Foundation 80 Madison Avenue [New York] N/A
Islamic Center of New York 1711 3rd Avenue/East 97th Street [New York] 212-722-5234
Academy of Islam 112 West 119 Street [New York] 212-865-0018
Masjid Malcolm Shabazz 102 West 116 Street [New York] 212-622-2201
International Islamic Community Room 3351A, Un Secretariate [New York] N/A
Masjid Al-Farah 155 Mercer Street [New York] N/A
Muslim Students Association of Columbia 106 Earl Hall [New York] N/A
Masjid of Islamic Brotherhood 257 West 113th Street [New York] N/A
Masjid of Islamic Brotherhood 55 Saint Nicholas Avenue [New York] 212-864-1332
Masjid Al-Jihad Al-Akbar 25 Washington Terrace [Newburgh] 914-561-5610
Masjidul Aman 203 Forbell Street [Ozone Park] 718-277-3979
Al-Hera Islamic Institute 125-08 Jamaica Avenue [Richmond Hill] 718-850-3575
Masjid Al-Abidin 104-18 127th Street [Richmond Hill] 718-848-8759
Masjid Tawheed 283 Nassau Road [Roosevelt] N/A
Taha Masjid 195 Nassau Road [Roosevelt] 516-483-3431
Islamic Association of Long Island 10 Park Hill Drive [Selden] 516-732-1235
Islamic Center of Rockland Count P.O. Box 562 Valley Cottage [Valley Cottage] 914-425-2099
Masjid Hamzah 202 Stuart Avenue [Valley Stream] 516-285-8585
Mid Hudson Islamic Association P.O.Box 515 [Wappinger Fall] N/A
Islamic Center of Long Island 835 Brush Hollow Road [Westbury] 516-333-3495
Masjid Al-Fatimah 57-16 37th Avenue [Woodside] N/A
Sunyside/Woodside Jame Masjid 47-53 46 Street [Woodside] 718-898-7064
Project Allahu Akbar Community 133 North 22nd Street [Wyandanch] 516-253-3259
Al-Jamiyat Islamic Center 1305 Straight Path [Wyandanch] N/A
Masjid Mustaqeem Allah o Akbar 138 North 22nd Street [Wyandanch] 516-643-8763


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