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Applet Features

Here's a menu applet that can contain a lot of information in a small area of your page. Create up to twenty (20) different menu selections. Each selection can contain up to one hundred (100) entries. Menus can also be configured so that images are not required. Modify colors and fonts to fit the scheme of your page. 


Typical Applet Parameters

<APPLET CODE="AccessMenu" Archive = "" WIDTH=120 HEIGHT=250>
<PARAM NAME = backgroundColor VALUE = 0xcc6600>
<PARAM NAME = panelbackgroundColor VALUE = 0x99CC99>
<PARAM NAME = canvasbackgroundColor VALUE = 0x99CC99>
<PARAM NAME = MenuColor VALUE = 0xCCCC99>
<PARAM NAME = MenuTextColor VALUE = 0x000000>
<PARAM NAME = textColor VALUE = 0x000000>
<PARAM NAME = altTextColor VALUE = 0xFF0000>
<PARAM NAME = appletFontSize VALUE = 12>
<PARAM NAME = frame VALUE = "_top">
<PARAM NAME = buttonTextSize VALUE = 10>

<param NAME = menu1 VALUE = "Resources">
<param NAME = menu1MoveInc VALUE = 50>
<param NAME = menu1FontSize VALUE = 12>

<param NAME = menu2 VALUE = "My Applets">
<param NAME = menu2MoveInc VALUE = 20>
<param NAME = menu2FontSize VALUE = 12>

<param NAME = menu3 VALUE = "ShareWare">
<param NAME = menu3MoveInc VALUE = 1>
<param NAME = menu3FontSize VALUE = 14>

<param name = menu1img0 value = "book05.gif|Books on Java|null.html">
<param name = menu1img1 value = "book12.gif|Books on C++|null.html">
<param name = menu1img2 value = "book10.gif|Perl Script|null.html">
<param name = menu1img3 value = "cal.gif|New Releases|null.html">
<param name = menu1img4 value = "fcabin.gif|HTML Tips|null.html">

<param name = menu2img0 value = "bulb.gif|tinyScroll|null.html">
<param name = menu2img1 value = "eyeglasses.gif|ExitStageLeft|null.html">
<param name = menu2img2 value = "fire.gif|DJPopMenu|null.html">
<param name = menu2img3 value = "clock.gif|DJScroller|null.html">
<param name = menu2img4 value = "jokes.gif|AccessMenu|null.html">
<param name = menu2img5 value = "mug.gif|DJNav|null.html">
<param name = menu2img6 value = "smoke.gif|DJTypeW|null.html">
<param name = menu2img7 value = "tools.gif|DJPassword|null.html">

<param name = menu3img0 value = "JavaBoutiqe|">
<param name = menu3img1 value = "JARS|accessdownload.html">
<param name = menu3img2 value = "TUCOWS|null.html3">


Parameter Descriptions
backgroundColor  The background color of the entire applet.
canvasbackgroundColor  The color of the canvas that holds the images and associated text
menuColor The color of the the menu buttons
menuTextColor The color of the text in the menu buttons
textColor The color of the text associated with the image
altTextColor The color of the text associated with an image when the image is highlighted
menu(x)moveInc When the up and down buttons are pressed the images will move this number of pixels. There is an adjustment available for each menu item. The default , if not supplied is 30.
menu(x)fontSize The text size of each individual menu can be modified with this parameter. The default, if not supplied is "appletFontSize"
appletFontSize The default font size of the text associated with a image description
buttonTextSize The size of the text inside the button. Default is 12 if not supplied. 
menu1 thru menu(n) Descriptive text for each of the menu selections
frame When using frames, this argument should point to the frame you wish the URL to be displayed in. The default is "_TOP"
menu(x)Img(y) The list of items for each of the menus defined. See the notes below and the example applet above  for a description of how to enter these. 

Discussion of menu1img0 thru menuXimgY

Each menu item has a list of images and associted text assigned them.  Up to 20 menus and 100 images associated with each menu are allowed. The format for each entry is :

<Param  name = menu1Img0    value  = "Image | Descriptive Text | URL" >

Arguments are seperated with the "|" symbol .
Be sure to place the value argument in quotes. This is required if the descriptive text has more than one word.

A list of items can also be displayed without images.

<Param  name = menu1Img0    value  = " Descriptive Text | URL" >

Note:  All images will be loaded before the applet is displayed. Large image sizes could result in a long delay before the user sees the applet.

© 2000, Kenneth Rigoni. All rights reserved.

All evaluation applets are fully functional copies of our commercial versions. A reference to our Web Site appears on the status bar.