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lvbook applet 1.4 - by lvplanet

lvbook allows you to display a collection of images in a virtual photo album with turnable pages. You can either show small thumbnails and link to the corresponding big images, or show the big ones directly (well, as big as possible: remember that most people use an 800x600 screen resolution). The best feature of this applet is not the page turning effect, but the automatic preloading and caching of the images to be displayed, allowing a faster and better navigation of the pictures. This applet uses a fast but good algorithm to resize the images on the fly to fit the book.

This is an example:

Click on the images to open them in another window or, for the images 2 and 5, to open the associated link. Click below the images to turn pages.

You can configure these parameters:

Parameter Name Default Value Short Description
Image# (Image1, Image2, Image3 and so on) (none) one parameter for each image of the virtual book. The format is:

file name + separator + caption + separator + URL + separator + target

where "separator" is a comma (,) unless specified differently using the Separator parameter (e.g. to use commas in some caption). For example:

<param name="Image7" value="ny.jpg,New York,,_top">

To skip a value, but not the next one, leave a blank space between the two commas. This bug will be fixed in a future release. This is an example of image without caption and with URL:

<param name="Image18" value="ba.jpg, ,,_blank">
OpenImages No When set to "Yes", clicking on the images will open them in the frame specified by Target, unless the chosen image has an associated link.
PageBorders No Shows a thin border around the pages. The value can be "Yes" or "No"
ResizeAll No If set to "Yes", resizes small and large images to fit the pages. When set to "No", only small images are resized
EffectDuration 1000 Time required to turn a page (in milliseconds)
PauseDuration 3000 Min. pause before turning a page (in milliseconds). Set it to "0" to avoid automatic page turning
TopMargin 10 Top margin of the pages (in pixels)
BottomMargin 10 Bottom margin of the pages (in pixels)
InnerMargin 15 Inner margin of the pages (in pixels)
OuterMargin 10 Outer margin of the pages (in pixels)
PageNumbers Yes Shows page numbers below the images. The value can be "Yes" or "No"
Font Dialog,0,12 Captions font. The format is:
type + separator + style + separator + size

where type can be "Courier", "Dialog", "Helvetica" or "TimesRoman"; style can be "0" (Normal), "1" (Italic), "2" (Bold) or "3" (BoldItalic); size is an integer

CaptionHeight 15 Reserved height for the caption (in pixels)
CacheSize 2 Size of the internal cache for the images, measured in couple of pages before and after the ones viewed at the moment
CacheAll No Caches all the images. The value can be "Yes" or "No". It's a good idea to set it to "Yes" if you are using small thumbnails
Background1 000000 Paper color. The format is "RRGGBB" (similar to HTML). Look at the color table for some examples
Background2 000000 Another paper color to obtain a fading between the two pages. Also used for the borders, if needed
Foreground FFFFFF Text color
HandCursor Yes Uses the hand-shaped cursor over the links or not. The value can be "Yes" or "No"
SleepTime 10 Short pause between the animation frames (in milliseconds)
Separator , A character used as separator for parameters that specify multiple characteristics (e.g. Font)
Target _self Default destination frame for the links. This can avoid specifying the same name in every link
Credits (none) Please set it to "applet bt" as a credit for the author. Thank you! (This is required if you use this applet on the web, otherwise it won't work)

Note: the names of their parameters and their values are case-insensitive, with the exception of the font names ("Courier", "Dialog", "Helvetica" and "TimesRoman") and of the Credits value.

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